The field and the knower of the field

Author: SESHA
Publishing house: Asociación Filosófica Vedanta Advaita Sesha, Spain
Year: 2014
Pages: 472
Dimensions: 14, 5 x 21 cm.
Language: Spanish

Presentation: Polychrome shiny soft cover with matt and glossy background and one ink printing inner pages.

Brief: Classical work of the human thought. It is Sesha’s deeper and more universal book, where the essential bases of cognition as well as human consciousness are analyzed in the form of 163 aphorisms. This book is a must for any student who wishes to go deeper into the more profound and abstract ideas of the Indo-European metaphysics. It is a complete theoretical and practical summary of the eastern thought poured in understandable language for the west.

Index (Partial)

FIST PART, Essential nature of Non-duality

• Non-dual nature of information.
• Dual and Non-dual models of Reality.
• The four limitations.
• Information modalities
• Field modalities

SECOND PART, The field and the knower of the field.

• Aphorisms and explanation.


• The 163 aphorisms

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