The Book of the Satvic Resonator


It is a very simple, creator of biotic fields, instrument that puts the therapeutic, harmonizing and repairing power of nature at everybody’s reach.

Author: SESHA
Publishing house: GAIA, Ediciones, Spain
Language: Spanish
Pages: 122
Dimensions: 14, 5 x 19 cm.
Presentation: Polychrome shiny soft cover with matt and glossy background and two ink explanatory drawings on the inner pages. For more information please visit

Brief: This text deals with “wave-forms” applied to therapeutics and health. It is a very simple and easy-to-understand work written by Sesha where the different ways in which biotic spaces and biological organisms can be introduced with balance information (entropy) thanks to the activity of the ”wave-forms” are explained. Also a simple way on how to correct unhealthy environments produced by non-biotic constructive geometric forms, electrical appliances, cell phones, etc is described.

Index (Partial):

• Wave-forms and Satvic Resonator
• Function of the Satvic Resonator
• Action field of the Resonator
• How to place the Resonator
• Applications of the Resonator
• What a resonator does not produce
• Models that explain the nature of the Satvic Resonator

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